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Subject Verb Agreement

Page history last edited by Hatice 13 years, 9 months ago

Collective Nouns

These are singular!

Examples: audience, class, family, gaggle of geese, kindle of kittens, murder of crows…..









 Everyone in the three classes (is/ are) loving grammar.

We ignore highlighted part .

Many, much, few, none, most, some :  You have to look at preposition phrases for subject.

None of the pizza (is/ are) gone.

None of the pizzas (is/ are) gone.

Either Fred or George (is/ are) going skiing. (Only one person is going)

Neither Fred nor George (is/ are) going skiing.

Dad or his three boys (is/ are) singing. (Boys more close so we consider this)

The three boys or dad (is/are) singing. ( dad more close so we consider this)

Neither of the dogs (is/ are) eating.

Some of that cake is for us.

Has anyone called Marc?

One of the toughest events is the pole vault.

Most of the pizza was eaten immediately.

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