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Boys and Girls by Alice Munro

Page history last edited by Hatice 13 years, 9 months ago

           It is theme story. This story talking about sexual stereotypes. Man should do man things, woman should do woman things. She tries to break stereotypes idea.

    Protagonist: Girl: round and dynamic

    Antagonist: Boy: flat and static 

    Mom and Dad:  Stock and stereotypes 

    Conflict:  She wants to help her father outside 

    Point of Views: First person

    Aspects of plot:

    Exposition:        Information about father job

    Initial incident: when the sales man says she is just a girl

    Rising action:    Whole bunch of events between initial incident and climax

    Climax:             When girl freed the Flora

    Falling Action:   Between Climax and Denouement

    Denouement:    When Laird says girl opened the door for Flora and father says never mind

     Conclusion:       When the girl thinks maybe it was true

  • Theme: Boys can be dominant figure than girls in some society.

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