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to pull some one's leg            = to tease, to joke

not have a leg to stand on     = don't have any proof / support

on one's last legs                   = the last phase before collapse/ death

to foot the bill                        = to pay the expenses   --- it is on me

cost me an arm and leg          = cost too expensive

get down to the business       = start working

going dutch                           = sharing the price of dinner  

stand on your own two feet   = be independent/ responsible for your own life

put one's foot down               = to take a firm stand/ no more allowed  

put your foot on your mouth   = to say something  embarrassing 

put yourself in my shoes        =  doing empathy

make one's mouth water        = to stimulate the appetite

break a leg                              = good luck

knock on wood                       = luck enough

melt in your mouth                = really delicious

see eye to eye                         = to agree completely

to die for                                = really delicious

to pull the wool over someone's eyes   = to deceive/ trick someone

butterflies in your stomach    = nervous

start off on the wrong foot     = start very badly/ bad experiences at the beginning

over one's head                      = too difficult to understand

lose one's head                      = to loose control

out of hand                            = out of control

lend a hand                            = to provide assistance

hold one's tonque                 = to keep quiet

Wet behind the ears              = to have very little experience

slap in the face                       = to insult

elbow room                            = too crowded, no space to move

all ears                                     = willing to listen

cross my fingers                     = wish for good luck

on the nose                             = exactly correct

don't cry over spilled milk       = don't worry about something that already happened  

the cream of the crop               =  the best people

green with envy                       = jealous

feeling blue                             = feeling sad

yellow                                      = coward

red                                           = anger

in the black                              = make money 

rosy                                          = favorable, bright -- future look rosy

in black and white                      = very clear, in a very simple way

golden                                      = vwonderful, priceless, valuable

in the pink                                 = in good health

pink eye                                    = infected

out of the blue                           = unexpected

white lie                                     = not serious

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