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Questions and Answers

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1. How are the window and chair descriptions of longing or desire? What do they imply about her ordinary life?

    Open window and a comfortable chair turn the story more positive. These are symbol of security and comfort life after her husband death.   

     open window = opportunity, second chance

     comfy chair= if she feels upset it should be hard chair 

2. Just what is coming through the open window?

    New beginning , fresh opportunity.

3. Is there  any foreshadowing?

    She has heart trouble so we can assume something can happen. Also she did not hear the story as other women heard the same...

4. Find specific phrases in the story that describe Brently's feelings and attitude towards Louise.

    Kind, tender hands  always looks at her with love.

5. What is happening to her? Why does she repeat "free" ?

    Unbelievable things, slow realization of freedom.

6. Just what is coming through the opening window?

   Elixir of Life. Liquid which cures all your illness so you can live forever. She has been healed because she drinks elixir of life after her husband's death.

7. Explain the connection between body and soul.

    They do not often work together. Your soul tells you do one thing while your body does want to do another.

9. In what ways last paragraph ironic?

   She died  because joy was taken from her. Joy should not kill.



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